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While food is universal, not everyone enjoys it the same way or prepares it in the same style. Whether you have dietary restrictions, have made personal food choices, or prefer your food cooked a certain way, you should have a caterer willing to meet your needs. Our caterers may have recipes they have mastered, or serving techniques they may find work well, but you as a client must always come first.

That’s why we here at Renaissance Catering follow your desires for your party, down to the smallest detail. We seek to exceed your expectations in every way and delivery the easiest, most professional catering experience possible. That’s why we work one on one with you until you are satisfied.

Quality Cooking

Quality of food is the most important aspect of Las Vegas catering. If it doesn’t taste good, then your guests won’t enjoy it and it will be anything but a success. But the pursuit of flavor does not mean we as your caterer will sacrifice your needs with an alternative lifestyle.

If you are vegetarian, vegan, or need to limit sodium or other ingredients, we can handle those situations with care while still providing the most delicious food possible. We can also accommodate religious limits, such as no pork. Even if our tried and true recipe calls for an ingredient you have requested be excluded from the menu, we will alter the recipe until it fits your requirements.

Safety Comes First

Handling food may be a fun pastime for many. But it can be a very dangerous business if food is handled improperly. We take our profession very seriously at Renaissance Catering and we strive to provide delicious food that also meets a high level of sanitation and cleanliness. A guest getting sick from our food will not be permitted to occur with us.

Our high expectation for safety is invaluable when it comes to allergies as well. If you have a nut allergy, we will be certain not to allow for cross-contamination. The food served at your event will be nut free and the cooking process will be kept nut free as well. Your health is important to us and we refuse to settle.

A Catering Company You Can Trust

A Las Vegas catering company is nothing without a level of credibility. You need to be able to know that the caterer can be trusted to provide outstanding food, quality service, and maintain safety throughout the entire process. Your event is too special to allow second-rate catering to spoil it.

We have worked tirelessly to build a solid reputation. When it comes to catering in Las Vegas, there is no one better. We handle every detail from start to finish with extra care to your needs and wishes. We wish to create the most memorable and effortless experience for you as we can. Our customers know from experience that we offer only the best, and soon you will too.

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